Practice guitar (1994)

In the early 90s, Rémi Boucher came to my shop and asked me to conceive a small practice guitar based on a prototype that he had made himself, using a ping pong paddle blade!
If the first goal was to work his right hand in tight spaces, like in train and plane, the prototype developed allowed him to work also his left hand, doing scales and arpeggios, while remaining few centimeters of the maximum dimensions desired.
This is the copy I kept and which was shown 20 years ago as part of the exhibition “Opus” at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

2007 & 2008 – Montreal Guitar Show

This is the instrument presented at the 2008 exhibit, and featuring a cedar top and very nice sounding Brazilian back & sides set.
During these 2 events, I was glad to have the guitarist Jérôme Ducharme giving concert using is own Cedar & Brazilian 2005 guitar.

Wilhelmy at MGS 2008Wilhelmy at MGS 2008

Table au SGM de 2007
My table in 2007


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