Natural harmony guitar

Small spring cleaning which was essential on the site.
Given the constant evolution (?) of the plugins needed for the layout, some content and others things had ceased to be available for a while!

Otherwise the work in the workshop is going well at the beginning of spring, a guitar will soon be in the finishing process, and 2 others will kick off at the same time.
A 2005 “Morency” also suffered an unfortunate and serious accident and is continuing its delicate restoration.

Aside from teaching, a collaborative project with the composer Simon Martin and the “Lutherie-Guitare Bruand” school will conclude with a conference, presented at Bruand in early May. Guitarist Jérôme Ducharme will also be there to musically illustrate the behavior of the prototype guitar in natural harmony, which was developed mainly since last September. Simon Martin must instruct us in his theoretical/musical approach with this instrument.
For my part, I will soon elaborate on this most interesting project.

I received a used 2006 “Morency” model in excellent condition for resale, cedar top and Hondurian rosewood body. Details found in the Store.

All the best!



The great Spanish luthier Jose Luis Romanillos passed away at the very honorable age of 90.

He will have joined Stradivari in this regard.

I really enjoyed listening to his instruments, including those played by Julian Bream of course.

There is the famous book “Guitars” by Tom and Mary Anne Evans, which was a gold mine for me, particularly when I started out in guitar making but still today, and which contained a most interesting article, with several photos in his studio set up at Julian Bream in Dorset.

Impossible for me to say the exact number of times I scrutinized each of the images and paragraphs of the interview, to best decipher all the information available… at the time a photo was really worth a thousand words…

Congratulations Maestro for your your great achievement. R.I.P.



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