Spring fever

This infrared thermometer is very nice to read the temperature of the glue. Reading is instantaneous. Having one with laser pointers is a must to ensure checking a specific spot.
Some work to install de binding around the body, and which is stimulating since you get a good picture of the body.


The visit at my shop shop by Alberto Martinez, editor of “Orfeo magazine”
Orfeo Magazine no. 18

It was at the end of the summer of 2021 that Alberto Martinez and his wife traveled to Quebec to prepare, among other things, the 18th edition of the very beautiful and excellent magazine about the classical guitar and its luthiers.
The main subject of this edition concerns the making of the classical guitar in Quebec, some of the luthiers and schools of luthery found here.
I take this opportunity to add 2 photos below of one of the guitars I had in my hands during his visit.
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Orfeo Magazine no. 18
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