The skeleton is gaining weight ! – p9

Carrying out and installing the linings is a task that requires many different operations and cares.
The choice of materials, their dimensions and design play a big part in the overall approach of the instrument’s sound.
The possibilities are endless and our personal tastes, those which concern the tone of the instrument above all, must here be manifested.


The skeleton mostly done – p8

Here is another nice step done. Having now the sides fitted into the neck using the traditional Spanish way, the guitar silhouette is now complete and front of me. It’s great to hear the sound resonance knocking all around the outside rim. The next step to strengthen the whole remains to glue in place the top and back linings…


Valentine’s day – p7

Valentine’s Day meeting is over … I have to go back to the other side of our world my dear Tail Block … forever …
The neck is mostly ready to reach his home at the upper end. I have to work out the heel in a rough manner, and which I personnaly prefer to complete once the sides glued in it, later in the process.

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