Lifting surface oils

With my students, this is a step that I regularly emphasize its importance. The quality of a joint starts with a perfect fit and clean surfaces. Then we can debate (but not fight like some seems ready to!) On which glue to use …

The «Wall»

Here is a useful one and worth to be erected.
A third refret in 12 years leaves traces more and more easily on the ebony fingerboard, near the fret slots.
Despite the care used to minimize the wood chips when removing older frets, it is necessary to rebuilt the damaged area on the surface.
For ebony, I like to use a mix of wood powder and glue. Depending on the extent of the damage, cyano or epoxy as a binder give good results.
Once the surface leveled, and also over the time under the use, this combination, wood and glue, gives an look that is similar to the healthy surface.
For tough player on the frets, now with the Evo we will see in a decade who is the winner…



Meeting of three musketeers

It is very nice to have the opportunity to meet and play 3 guitars built around 12 years ago in a short period since only 2 years between each of them.
2005 Braz-Cedar on left, 2007 Honduran-Cedar on right, and 2009 Braz-Cedar on center.
Some finishing touchup and fret work for 2 of them.


The latest in «Showcase»

«Gone Baby Gone» – p19 (Final)

Guitar is done and has new home. You can listen to a short demo here down below.    

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