The visit at my shop shop by Alberto Martinez, editor of “Orfeo magazine”
Orfeo Magazine no. 18

It was at the end of the summer of 2021 that Alberto Martinez and his wife traveled to Quebec to prepare, among other things, the 18th edition of the very beautiful and excellent magazine about the classical guitar and its luthiers.
The main subject of this edition concerns the making of the classical guitar in Quebec, some of the luthiers and schools of luthery found here.
I take this opportunity to add 2 photos below of one of the guitars I had in my hands during his visit.
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Orfeo Magazine no. 18
  René Wilhelmy luthier  

Summer waves…

It is always nice to reach this step, to see the main part of the instrument’s shape appear.
I attach great importance to the quality of the lamination of the 2 layers of solid wood. I always have in mind other approaches using fewer clamps, but I’m so used working this way, a method that gives me perfect result meeting my expectations every time.

Royal Flush

When using a scarf joint, it is important for my to correctly set its positioning according to the overall design of the head. For my Morency model, since I integrate veneers at the back of the head, I want to hide it in the transition between the head and the main part of the neck, having it only visible from the side and running at the right position.
As I appreciate the head having a gentler slope than the traditional method, my joint requires the combination of 2 cuts rather than one.
Another aspect concerns the main veneer for the back of the head, which comes directly from the main piece and which will later be laminated with the same alignment, and which gives to the whole neck the visual unity that I’m looking for while having contrasting decorative under veneers.

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