About the luthier

Instrument making was a sudden and unexpected encounter; one of a kind that in a short period of time changes the course of your life …

Self taught luthier since 35 years, I built so far more than 200 instruments, mostly classical guitars. I also did ​​countless adjustments and repairs , modifications and restorations, as well as various accessories.
I sold my instruments all around Canada and many countries like Austria, China, France, Italy, Tunisia and U.S.A.
All of this is not to mention the wonderful encounters with guitarists, musicians and music lovers from around the world.

2013 – Pastiche


From the beginning...

1976 Discoveries

It was during 1976 that the desire to build an instrument germinated in me. I was [...]

1977-1979 High school period

The Marguerite-Bourgeois Institute in Montreal was located just minutes from my [...]

1981-1983 Grants, trips, close encounters…

Being installed in my apartment/workshop on the Cavendish street, and obtaining [...]

1993 – «Opus» exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Civilization

I have used for many years on my web site the biography as written in the nice book [...]

2001-Birth of the Morency model

In 2001, ten years had passed since the death of my mother. I felt strongly at that [...]

MGS 2007 et 2008 – Montreal Guitar Show

I participated in both 2007 and 2008 events presented in Montreal during the Jazz [...]


1990-Le Montréal des Montréalais – Photo Contest

There were only a few days before the the competition deadline when my wife Nicole [...]

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