Material & Accessories

The woods that I use are mostly traditional. The quality of the selection and cutting accuracy is of crucial importance for the realization of an instrument of the highest possible standard. Those whom I use have stayed from 5 to 25 years in the workshop before they are used. Nonetheless, the aging potential of wood is like wine, and its aging in the shop will always be proportional and relative to its intrinsic qualities.Assemblage de la table
German spruce top being glued

The material

Top woodTop wood

The specific characteristics between spruce & cedar soundboard remains a [...]

Back & SidesBack & Sides

My first contact with the Honduran rosewood (Dalbergia stevensoni) dates back almost [...]

The neck and fingerboardThe neck and fingerboard

South American cedar or Spanish cedar, and Honduras mahogany made up mainly the neck. [...]

The casesThe cases

The options are numerous, and as much the price range. I included with the basic [...]

Tuning machinesTuning machines

I favor the use of machines using bearings on the end of the post. The basic price [...]

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