LP — The shadow of a personal project… (1/21)

For some time already, the desire to make a guitar Gibson model Les Paul me titillait periodically, and especially as part of my courses at the school Lutherie Bruand Guitar, I teach the understanding and realization of a ” a typical electronic circuit of this iconic model of the famous brand. The opportunity is all the more beautiful to update my knowledge about this model.
Given that Gibson has declined a very large number of versions since its release in 1952, the version I decided to manufacture gravitates mainly around the specifications of the 1959 (R9) version. As for the main differences: having listened to a good number of versions since my youth (!), I opted for the traditional weight relief, nicknamed “Swiss cheese holes”, and which refers to the 9 holes drilled in the mahogany body part. The crown of the head when a drawing similar to that of my classical guitar “Morency”, while remaining in the vicinity of Les Paul. Other small details will be mentioned in the publications related to this project.

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