Already more than a month of confinement due to the pandemic.
Today I would like above all to highlight a mentor who was of great importance in my career as a luthier : Irving Sloane.
You can read a post about this great man under the -Luthiery- section.
A good bunch of new photos of my latest spruce guitar top will be available soon.
For those who would like to listen to the sound of this guitar, there are already 3 videos to watch on my youtube channel.
In this regard, as soon as the confinement restriction rules become less strict, a recording session with Jérôme Ducharme is planned, and featuring a Suite by Nikita Koshkin!




In the news and upcoming events include the addition of a guitar by Daniel Friederich, 1962, available in the Store under the used guitars section.
Also, I will shortly publish a post about the visit of the French guitarist Olivier Fautrat, who comes here in Montreal to present on March 4th his concert mixing poetic texts in french and his guitar instrumental melodies.

Thank you for your visit,

Olivier Fautrat


Happy New Year 2020

It’s another year and decade that begins.
On my side, I intend to carry out and share here a certain number of the projects going on.
Two new guitars are now on the bench, and video projects will be also on the menu.

Thank you for your visit,

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