In the crosshairs
Small ventilation openings (musical)

Cedar top ready for assembly.

Transformer : From cedar 1995 to spruce 2006

In the winter of 2005, Jérôme Ducharme took possession of a new guitar, cedar top and rosewood Jacaranda back & sides,  and with which he won few months later the same year, the GFA competition.
In the trade, I took possession of the one that I built 10 years earlier, a cedar top & very nice (unknow) Central America rosewood. Since I had not yet made a guitar model “Morency” featuring a spruce top, I decided to use that 1995 and to substitute a very old German spruce top having my latest developments and changes found in “Morency” model.
The result was very successful, and the guitar acquired by Alvaro Pierri.


The latest in «Showcase»

Cry Baby

My latest Morency model featuring German spruce top and old growth 60 years+ Brazilian rosewood [...]


Some pictures of a recent spruce / Brazilian Morency model.

«Gone Baby Gone» – p19 (Final)

Guitar is done and has new home. You can listen to a short demo here down below.    


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