Heads Up – p4

A good bunch of work to make the head. Many small details and no room for error.
With the use of machine heads featuring bearings (rollers), I want to keep all of the post length, without the roller, outside the hole, so each model needs it’s own custom fitting.

Tuning fork – p5

The 2 matchbook parts of the back for the “Morency” are glued having lining in its center.
The style is very “classic” and is used throughout the body including the rosette.
Given the size of the wood materials used, I make two laminates that will be used so that most as possible of the junctions come from the same piece and are contiguous, and the quantity enough to cover all the guitar’s needs.
The tap tone of this fifty years old back is very nice, and also to see the ends of the linings looking like a tuning fork!
You will find a sound sample here below.

Speed bump – p6

The lower block is the 1st solder that tie the sides. The shape is traditional and very efficient.

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