Second Set – Two People’ Second album

Another album is available from the Canadian guitar duo:
Suzanne Frank and Paul Kramer

To quote them:
«When we’re writing music together we usually begin with either a simple (or not so simple) chord progression, one or two short melodic phrases, or a combination of both which change over time as we play and experiment. Our music has been influenced by many different styles.
Most of our titles are descriptive giving clues to the musical content. For instance, “Waltzango” begins with a waltz theme …and develops into a tango in 4/4 with lots of room for improvising before returning to the waltz theme. In “En Voyage” we were thinking of evoking a sense of travel. We originally thought of “Monster” as a spirit dance or monster ball.
“Two People” have performed at the Aeolian Hall, The Schoolhouse Theatre in St. Jacobs, Windermere Manor, Bishop Cronyn, The London Music Club, the Arts Project Theatre and many other venues.»


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