Stripping the Rabbet (p. 16)

If I like very much to work using routers and Dremel, doing the end graft inlay by hand still a nice challenge, and more over when the inlay is perfectly rectangular and have to match the one on back. Doing before or after the back is already glued have both their pros/cons. I’m doing before the back is glued, but after that the back is already prepared and ready to glue, so alignment is not really hard to get.

Under the hood (p.17)

The voice of a guitar is greatly based on the soundboard. Its conception and the way of integrating it with the rest of the body still has great impact.

“One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” (p. 18)

It is the time to close the box. A great moment since getting a good idea of the upcoming final result.

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